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Morris Inn with and without third floor

Consider the building we now call the Morris Inn, as it appeared about 1865, when the village of Morris had not yet been incorporated and was referred to as Louisville. It had only two floors. All the buildings to the west of it were made of wood. On Sept. 8, 1883 one of the buildings caught fire and the whole row was swept away.

Ken Cooke thought this may have been taken about 1861.

1950 Godley Residence

Postcard created about 1950.

From the National Historic Register application:

Morris Correspondents over the decades

To the best of my knowledge Morris has never had a radio station or a TV station. News about Morris has been carried by newspaper correspondents writing for local papers such as The Morris Chronicle, The Oneonta Daily Star, and The New Berlin Gazette.

The first correspondent to come to my attention was Rita Shampnois who started her career of reporting Morris news to The Daily Star in 1974 at the tender age of 81. You can see a photo of her and read more at the link below.

1894-09-12 The Morris Chronicle, Kissing the Bride

The New Lisbon Historian, Mrs. Virginia Schoradt, sent me this fragment of The Morris Chronicle from Sept. 12, 1894. The poem was written "for the Chronicle" in 1894 by Helen Blanche Adams of Afton, NY. As far as I can determine her mother, Samantha (Wheaton) Adams died in 1895. She died in Afton and was buried in her hometown of Killawog, Broome County, NY.

Butternuts Woolen and Cotton Mill

For a time before 1880 this mill, which was located at the bend in East River Rd just before you get to Weaver's Farm Market, employed a large number of men, women, and children spinning wool and cotton into thread. The raw materials were brought by ox cart at times from the Hudson River at Catskill or from the Erie Canal near Ilion.

Larger versions of the photo can be accessed via the links below.

1860-1894 Union School, Morris, NY

Union School 1860-1894 in a Carey photo on a postcard. The image is 4 inch by 3 inch on a card 5.5 x 3.5 inches.

The back of the card which was never mailed there is a note written by pencil.
"where I went to school
Lillian Wood"


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